# Introduction

Vue.js tab components, based on Vue Router.

# Features

✅ Open or switch to tabs responding to route change

✅ Tabs mouse wheel scrolling

✅ Tabs drag sort

Tab Operations: open, switch, close, refresh, reset

Iframe tab: for external website

✅ Customized:transition, slot, contextmenu


Keep scroll position after tab switching

Cache control: tab rules, cacheable, maximum keep alive, reusable

Dynamic Tab Info: title, icon, tooltip

Initial Tabs: initially opened tabs when entering page

Restore Tabs: reopen tabs after browser refresh

Page Leave Confirm

Nuxt Support

# Browser compatibility

IE / Edge (opens new window)
IE / Edge
Firefox (opens new window)
Chrome (opens new window)
Safari (opens new window)
iOS Safari (opens new window)
iOS Safari
Opera (opens new window)
IE10, IE11, Edge last 2 versions last 2 versions last 2 versions last 2 versions last 2 versions
Last updated: 5/9/2021, 4:37:51 PM